We are pleased to be able to provide our service to customers who  can appreciate experience, quality, reliability all in one from our family operated business. 

What began as a humble little dry cleaners in a great neighborhood.  Has turned into our life long  dedicated pleasure. We haven’t forgotten our humble origins, and we haven’t forgotten the customers who supports us and help us be  what we are today.

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We understand that as the times have changed, the fashion culture as we know is forever evolving.




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Your invited to come in and see how we can help you! Our fashion care knowledge covers from the traditional to the ultra-modern, so there’s something for everyone to appreciate. Conservative or fashion-forward, we can provide great service that will fit into your schedule, budget, and  lifestyle.   While allowing you to feel comfortable receiving your items satisfied time after time.


Our customers are very important to us, and we’re deeply committed to making sure you get the type of service you deserve and get the quality you can depend on. Come see  for yourself what we can do for you!

      Detroit’s Original

Since 1995 





 Dry Cleaning

Our fashion care consultants are happy to work with you to explain the required  process for caring for your clothing.   Ways to help save you money by offering one of our weekly specials.   Whether you need something for a formal occasion or you need something for work or play our service has the experience.



We have the ability to complete the requirements to make it fit you like it was made specifically for you.


Leather and Suede Cleaning

Cleaning: items that have never been cleaned, to items that need cleaning. 

Refinishing: items that has lost its glow, shine and needs new life inspired back into it.

Repairing Service: items that may need a new zipper, a torn area, or items that have a “snag” are the service needs to help place the item into a “like new” category.



 Laundry Service

Whether it may be your dress shirts or your jeans, we have the ability to provide different levels of starch:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy







     Amanda Clark

“I was looking for something to wear to a concert. I just couldn’t find anything in my closet to wear that was clean. As time was running out, Elegant Dry Cleaners was able to meet my request of cleaning my clothes in a short turn-around period. Thank you so much!”


Lamar Swift

“My leather jacket is my favorite thing in my closet. It adds the edge to any outfit I wear. It’s versatile. I can wear it to work and then go straight to happy hour in it. I only trust one cleaners to keep me looking fresh, and that’s Elegant Dry Cleaners! “

Pharoah Kirk

“It’s nothing like the importance of being able to count on your dry cleaners. They understand the quality that is required for your professional attire to your casual wear. Thanks guys your the best!”  

   Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

“The day we got married, we had too much fun at the reception, and we had a mishap. Elegant Dry Cleaners was able to get the stain out of my dress along with putting my dress in a box to preserve it for life! We are very grateful! We appreciate the special attention this business gives.”