Decision Process

How do I properly care for my clothing

Questions that are frequently ask:

The decision process occurs is phases when it come to caring for the clothes in your closet. (1) when you purchase a new item and want to wear it immediately. Should I simply wear it or get it cleaned first? (2) When its something you have owned prior and have worn it.  Should I get it cleaned or can I possibly get another wear out of this piece again?  (3) I wore this particular item and it now has a stain.  Should I just sit it aside or take it to the cleaners later. (4) I wore this item last season forgot to get it cleaned, now I want to wear it.  What should I do? (5) There are a lot of dry cleaners in my community, which one should I chose?

All of the above situations occur not just with you but with us all one time or another. We simply take this for granted, or really may not know what would be the best solution for caring for your everyday items to your favorite pieces to your most expensive keepsake luxury items.

To learn more about how you can make the right decision we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you make the proper decision with this journey “Elegant Dry Cleaners”.

Dedicated Service

“We have to have a cleaners we can count on to do everything we need done, when we need it complete.  Experience is vitally important, flexibility is a requirement.”



“Trust, Comfort, Competitive Cost”

“When your the person that everyone counts on to make the ultimate decisions.  It’s important that your appearance represents the role you require of others neat, clean, organize  and professional.”


“Helping Customers With Decisions”

“Our service is designed to help our customers focus on being able to buy what they like, stay fashion forward make cost effective decisions, while being pleased. Whether your worried about wearing something new having it cleaned.  Or something that you’ve had for sometime. We can help you to achieve that comfort level at Elegant Dry Cleaners.  We have over 33 years of quality experience, we care bout meeting your expectations each and every time give us a try you won’t be sorry.”

“Satisfactory Qualities”